Day 9 Tui to O Porriño

Day 9 We have checked into an amazing albergue. Large beds with privacy curtains AND lockers for our backpacks. The owner is doing our laundry, for a small fee, while we have lunch, a pilgrim menu consisting of chorizo, eggs, fries, bread, beer, dessert, and coffee (all for only 6.50€). After a little rest, hope... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope that everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving. In all my travels, I have learned that food, family, and friends bring us together. Today, Kevin and I will have a small dinner...just us and the kitties. The 12.5 lb turkey is in the oven. Gobble gobble.

Mediterranean Apricot and Date Chutney

I love to can. in mason jars, pressure cookers, and hot water baths.  Every weekend during the summer and fall, we venture to the local farmers market to gather nearly a bushel of fresh produce. The rest of the day is spent in the kitchen canning. Storing the items for the winter months. This... Continue Reading →

Veggie Hash

We have been searching for new ways to incorporate more vegetables into our weekend breakfasts. We often enjoy breakfast burritos, omelets, or various other egg dishes, but most were built around some type of meat. Last week, we came upon a recipe for veggie hash...a combination of sweet potatoes, broccolini, onions, peppers, garlic, eggs, and... Continue Reading →

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