Major Sandstorm hits Abu Dhabi

I've experienced blizzards, zero visibility, and icy roads, but nothing prepared me for driving in the sandstorm that hit the city this morning. Visibility was under 25 meters (roughly 25 yards) at times! Seeing traffic lights was almost impossible. The sandstorm came in from Iraq, traveling through Kuwait with wind speeds clocking 25-35 knots. According... Continue Reading →

Tennis Lesson in a Sand Storm

Those of you who know me personally know my passion for tennis.  Cold, heat, sleet, even snow, has not kept me off the court. But today was a first. Gorana, my awesome tennis coach who is getting my game back in form, and I took to the court early this morning before the brunt on... Continue Reading →

Mina Port Fish Market in Abu Dhabi

What an experience! This huge building has everything a fish lover could dream of.  First...the selection.  Fresh off the boats; every possible type of fish and sea creature.  Shark, squid, sea bass, tuna, blue crabs, and prawns the size of small lobsters.  Oh yeah, they also had lobster.  Second, the cleaning stations.  After you make... Continue Reading →

Falconry in the UAE

Last week Kevin and I spent the afternoon at the Abu Dhabi Cultural Heritage Exhibition. Food, crafts, and FALCONS! I was captivated by the birds. They were so beautiful. Many dealers were present selling everything a bird owner could possibly need, from frozen rats to custom fitted hoods. I could have spent hours taking photos.... Continue Reading →

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