Simple Homestyle Curry: A Cooking Lesson

Food in Abu Dhabi, and the UAE as a whole, is heavily influenced by both its neighboring countries and by the expatriate population (which accounts for approximately 85% of the population), the majority of whom are Indian. That makes for some great Indian cuisine.  Many hotels offer elaborate Indian buffets, small, family owned Indian restaurants... Continue Reading →

Mina Port Fish Market in Abu Dhabi

What an experience! This huge building has everything a fish lover could dream of.  First...the selection.  Fresh off the boats; every possible type of fish and sea creature.  Shark, squid, sea bass, tuna, blue crabs, and prawns the size of small lobsters.  Oh yeah, they also had lobster.  Second, the cleaning stations.  After you make... Continue Reading →

After numerous layovers at Schiphol Airport, I finally had time to leave the airport and explore Amsterdam. After landing at 6:30 am, my colleague and I, took turns freshening up in a room we rented at Yotel, in the airport. It also served as a safe place for our luggage. By 9 we were on... Continue Reading →

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