More Camino Training

Warmish days in December are rare in this area, so Kevin and I took advantage of what was most likely the last decent day to embark on an 8+ mile training walk along the White River. I carried my pack, which is 10 lbs including 1.5 liters of water. I have everything in my pack except a first aid kit and toiletries.

Kevin opted for no pack, but that’s ok. We will focus more on packs in early spring. For now it was just nice to get out and enjoy the weather. I started out with a long sleeved shirt but had to change after about two miles into a lighter weight base layer. That is the purpose of training walks…learning what clothing feels best in various conditions.

The leaves have nearly all fallen, but the route is still beautiful. Our morning walk was cloud free and just a light breeze. We have about 1.5 inches of rain on Saturday. As a result, the White River was flooding, encroaching on part of our route, but it was still passable. I used the flooded areas to test out the shoes. Yes…they are water resistant!

The scenery was lovely. Lots of geese, ducks and other water fowl. Not fond of all the geese dropping along the path!

Not sure how many more days like this we will have before real winter sets in, but for now we are trying to take advantage of every one we can. Much of winter will be spent weight training and walking indoors and marking of the days until we arrive on the Camino.

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