The Pen Store

I typically don’t write about specific stores but this one is a hidden gem. Hidden between the hundreds of chain stores lining the avenue in the Taksim area is “Panter” selling writing instruments of all types along with leather bound journals and antique treasures. The shopkeepers speak limited English but are friendly and have very fair prices. High quality, excellent service, and wonderful staff. When in Istanbul this shop will be a pleasant relief from the tourist vendors in the area.  



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Words that define me (in no specific order): professor, cancer survivor, wife, explorer, foodie, photographer, writer, yogi. Motto: Fill your life with experiences, not things.
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2 Responses to The Pen Store

  1. vinneve says:

    That is nice find for collectors! 🙂

    • grapejuice52 says:

      It is a gem of a store. I could have spent hours in there admiring the unique treasures. If you are a collector, you need to pay them a visit. The owners speak a bit of English; enough that with my broken Turkish we could communicate.

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