Bucket list items: Crystal Ball and Broadway

I am no stranger to big cities…Istanbul, Paris, and Rome…but New York is sensory overload. As my husband and I walked from our hotel to Times Square, the first thing I noticed was that the streets were not as noisy as I expected. Crowded, yes…but not as much horn honking and yelling as is depicted on TV and in the movies. 20140809_175847

Parking lots were most creative. Many, as shown in the photo, used lifts to stack the cars three and four high. We saw these throughout the city and they seem like a cheaper alternative to a parking garage and effective use of space.

20140809_174938Once we reached the iconic Times Square, I looked up and there it was! The Waterford crystal ball that millions watch each New Year’s Eve. I was surprised to see it perched atop a building, as I thought it was removed after all the festivities each year. But there is was. I couldn’t help but get a bit giddy inside as yet another item was checked off my bucket list. Well….the real bucket list item had me in Times Square on midnight of New Year’s Eve, but this will do and is far less crowded.

20140809_180126After gazing at the neon lights, flashing ads for the latest trends in fashion, it was time to head to Broadway. While I have seen several traveling productions of Broadway shows, I had never seen a shown on Broadway. We had orchestra seats for Mamma Mia! Another bucket list item checked off the list.


The production was wonderful, filled with song, dance, and everything I expected. The encore, three songs sung by the entire cast, had people out of their seats and dancing in the aisles. What fun!


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