Next stop….Abu Dhabu (via the Big Apple)

As some of you may know, I have accepted a position as an associate professor at the Emirates College for Advanced Education, in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Therefore, for the past few months, my husband and I have been selling, storing, or donating all our possessions. We sold our home of nearly six years. Friday we will be moveĀ into a hotel in Fargo until I finish teaching on Aug 8. The next day we will travel to New York City for a few days of Broadway shows and visits from friends in the area before leaving on Aug 12 for Abu Dhabi.
We are taking 6 large bags, 50 lbs each, and four carry ons. One bag is filled with my academic books…more are also stuffed in other bags. Another bag is filled with board games. We are taking a few kitchen utensils that may be hard to find, along with a router so that we can access the Internet and Roku.

This will be at least a three year position. Hope you follow me as I explore this new country and it’s diverse culture.

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