No matter the view…watch your step!

imageimageimageYes…the view from atop the tower is amazing, but you must not forget that there are steps!  I was so captivated be the beauty that I did not notice two steps.  The laws of gravity apply the same in Italy as they do in America!  The result….a visit to the local hospital where I discovered that I have a small crack in the side on f my right ankle.  After three X-rays and a visit from the orthopedic specialist, I was fitted with a soft cast and instructed not to bike for at least a week.  Walking is to be kept to a minimum.  Here’s a plus…no bill!  Apparently Italy does not charge for healthcare.  We only had to pay for a prescription and a brace that I will use after Saturday.





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One Response to No matter the view…watch your step!

  1. Timah says:

    Yikes! Glad it wasn’t worse. I took a tumble in Colombia while crossing the street. Hope you’re able to spend part of a day recovering poolside like I did. 🙂

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