Yes, You Should Lock Your Carry On Bag

Great ideas. Keep colors basic, such as black, then just add a colorful scarf or light weight jewelry.

Lady Light Travel

The zippers are locked to the security ring.  They aren't going to move.

Why in the world would you lock your carry on bag when you have it with you while traveling?  There are actually several times when you don’t have complete control of your bag.  Those are the times when a thief can gain access to your valuables.  I always lock my bag in the situations described below.

Airport Security

Airport security is always filled with chaos.  Statistics show that an enormous amount of theft takes place at the security checkpoint.  I usually stop at a quiet place right before I reach security and take off any sweaters, packable jackets, and loose gear.  They all get stored in the carry on.  I also put my purse in my carry on bag if possible.  I’ll put my liquids bag and computer in the outside pockets of the bag and secure the main compartment with a security approved luggage lock.  If Security needs to gain…

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