From CDG to Notre Dame

imageimageGiven that this was my first time in Paris and first time through CDG airport, I was a bit concerned about my ability to easily access the metro. In reality, the only hard part was the 45 minutes I had to wait in line to clear passport control. Once in the main terminal, the signs were large and frequent. The metro was very fast and not too crowded (compared to those in Istanbul). Trains ran every 8 minutes and the trip from the airport to the Notre Dame station took only about 20 minutes.

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  1. Glad you had a good experience.

    The metro really saved me, the last time I was there, as the taxi drivers were all on strike, and there were few other viable ways to get into the city. One (minor) inconvenience was that my inadequate U.S.-bank-issued cards wouldn’t work in the Paris By Train ticket machines, and I had no coins on me, so I had to scout out the location of the change machine – which is cleverly hidden behind a column near the entrance to the ticket windows. Apparently there is only one change machine in the hall? At least, I only found one.

    I also love how well marked all the signs are for the exchanges between RER and metro. It also makes things that much easier, to be able to change trains underground, without having to maneuver luggage through winter weather.

    In any case, the metro is always my first choice, as it gets me just about anywhere I need to go. Plus, cabs can be unpredictable — and a whole lot more expensive. And on strike.


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