Inside Notre Dame

This cathedral is amazing.  I could have spent hours here taking photos.  So many amazing windows casting interesting shadows.  A mass was in progress while I was there and I found the TV screens attached to the pillars in sharp contrast to the stained glass windows. 





Back in the USA.

Left Valencia at 7 am.  After a short layover in CDG, arrived in Minneapolis at 2 pm.  Gotta love time travel!  Have a lot of photos to sort through and post.  Look for updates over the next few days.

My quest for the Holy Grail

Much as been written about the quest for the holy grail.  One theory is that the cup used at the last supper was removed from Rome and hidden in the Cathedral of Valencia.  Researchers have confirmed that the agate cup dates from the Roman period at the time of Christ. Whether real or not, it is an impressive sight, hidden in an alcove of the cathedral.ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Eiffel Tower

imageimageIt has been a dream of mine for decades to stand at the base of the Eiffel Tower and here I am.  While I had studied its history and seen countless photos and documentaries of the famous tower, I was giddy to have my dream finally come true.  I had not purchased tickets in advance to go to the top, so I enjoyed the experience from the ground.

Team Bilbao

As you may know, I love sports and you probably remember what happened between me and a youth futball team in Turkey last year. Well…today team Bilbao checked into my hotel. Of course, my camera died just as they arrived, but I returned from dinner just in time to see them leave for their match against Valencia tonight. I have opted not to attend the match tonight; need to rest before my presentation tomorrow afternoon, but I was able to get a pic with one of the players (apparently one of the most popular since the locals were mobbing him).

From CDG to Notre Dame

imageimageGiven that this was my first time in Paris and first time through CDG airport, I was a bit concerned about my ability to easily access the metro. In reality, the only hard part was the 45 minutes I had to wait in line to clear passport control. Once in the main terminal, the signs were large and frequent. The metro was very fast and not too crowded (compared to those in Istanbul). Trains ran every 8 minutes and the trip from the airport to the Notre Dame station took only about 20 minutes.

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