After numerous layovers at Schiphol Airport, I finally had time to leave the airport and explore Amsterdam. After landing at 6:30 am, my colleague and I, took turns freshening up in a room we rented at Yotel, in the airport. It also served as a safe place for our luggage. By 9 we were on the train to downtown Amsterdam. The ride was fast. The train clean. We exited the Central station into what seemed like the center of the city. Bicycles were everywhere! Given we only had about 5 hours before needing to return to the airport, we started our exploration on the water, taking a 90 minute canal tour. It was most interesting and provided an easy way to see many of the interesting facets of the older part of the city. We then explored on foot. Walking by the many “coffee” shops and bakeries. Did I mention the bicycles? We had to be more mindful of them as we crossed streets then of cars!

Our time in Amsterdam was far too short. Did not see any of the famous, or less famous, museums or historical sites, but certainly will make plans for a longer trip in the future.















  1. Hi, Anita. I just started reading and subscribed to your blog from the post on Lynne Martin’s FB page. I love reading everyone’s blogs. We did one last summer during our 3 month France adventure and it was fun and enlightening to write about things. However, they are a lot of work, so I appreciate everyone else’s so much more. We went to Amsterdam 2 summers ago for 3 days. Loved loved loved it and only saw a portion – never got to the Anne Frank house. The lines were always around the block, which I find amazing, given that the events are 70+ years old. The people in line were very diverse, representing many countries. Her story continues to inspire. Such a shame that she never knew. The “cafes” are very interesting. Although I live in Colorado so we are seeing some of that first hand ;-0! Best!


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