10 Days, One Backpack

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Pre-departure packing completed.  Everything fits into one backpack and a very small purse.  In addition to the outfit I’m wearing on the plane (the all black outfit), I have packed two additional pairs of slacks, one pair of gym shorts, five shirts, an extra pair of shoes, “undies” (of course), and all the comforts of home…iPad, batteries, camera, cell phone, power converters and chargers, umbrella, toiletries, etc. Compression bags make it all possible.  I have also attached an extra folding bag to the backpack to hold all the teas, spices, baklava, and other items that I usually buy along the way.


  1. I agree that a backpack is the way to go. Have you tried bundle wrapping as demonstrated on onebag.com? I find that packing wrinkles are minimalized using bundle wrapping. It also makes my bag lighter because I’m not using packing cubes or the heavy plastic bags from the space bags. I also take things out of the original packaging because that adds to the weight.

    Also, I noticed you are taking a lot of batteries. Have you considered using the eneloop rechargable batteries? They have AA and AAA ones that have a USB powered charger. That means you only need a USB plug and adapter, as all USB plugs are dual voltage.


    • Thanks for your comments. Yes, I do bundle. Great space saving tip. As for batteries, I tried recharbables during my first trip and found that I used more batteries then the four in the charger. I also tried buying batteries in country and found they were much too expensive and had questionable expiration dates. While my two packs may add a bit of weight and space, at least I know that I will have the ability to always document my adventures.


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